Healing Practitioners and Instructors

ornamentThese Directories contains the names, contact information and certifications for individuals in the United States, Canada and Europe who have completed certain phases of The Raphaelite Work training. The primary training module in The Raphaelite Work involves completion of a 3- to 5-year training program, leading to certification as a practitioner of Hands-on Energy Healing.

Advanced Raphaelite Work certifications (One-to-One Processing Facilitator, Raphaelite Retreat Guide, and Group Facilitator) require additional training and supervision and are noted in the listings. The responsibilities of those in leadership positions in The Raphaelite Work are also shown in the directories.

Please contact a Raphaelite Work practitioner in your area for more information about Raphaelite Work healing sessions.

United States & Canada Directory

Europe, New Zealand, and Australia Directory

For more information about training programs in the Raphaelite Work and how you can enroll, please contact:

Richard Nur-al-Haqq Martin
International Head of The Raphaelite Work

If you are a practitioner listed on these pages and wish to change or update your information, please contact:

Mary & David Dohrmann, Registrars

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