Healing and Transformation
Through Presence, Breath, and Touch

The Raphaelite work is an approach to healing, transformation and discovery that supports one in living life more fully. Firmly rooted in Sufism and other wisdom traditions, it is enriched with insights from modern psychology, scientific research and clinical practice. At the heart of the Raphaelite Work, named for the Archangel Raphael, angel of healing and science, is an understanding that there are many ways to experience life. This Work encourages one to be ever more present to and familiar with the unique languages of the physical, mental, emotional, moral, and spiritual aspects of self. When the intelligences of these different bodies are allowed to manifest in an atmosphere that is gentle, non-directive, and non-judgmental, a healing takes place which is both restorative and transformative.sufi healing

If you are searching for a deeply effective and supportive means of healing and growth, please visit the Directory pages for the name of a certified practitioner near you. If you are looking for skills to self-heal, to heal others, or to gain tools for spiritual transformation or direction, the Raphaelite Work training is a treasure, and you may gain more information by visiting the Certification and Training page, or by contacting the Raphaelite Work office.

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